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Tax Refund Installment Loans

"I need a better solution, one that allows me more time to pay off my tax refund loan"

Is this you? Well, we have the solution you need. Here at eTaxLoan.com we have direct lenders who provide what are known as Tax Return Installment Loans. The loan will be based on your income so you won't have to provide copies of tax document, but it gives you the flexibility you need with longer payment terms coupled with lower payments. This way you don’t have to stress about a large, looming payment that seems to be due before you can blink twice.

How do I apply for the Installment Loan Option?

Start your application for a tax refund installment loans on the left where you see "Apply Here" and "Get Cash Now". Be confident knowing that these lenders are direct lenders that were pre-qualified for their excelent rates and service. Don’t worry – our direct installment lender won't require an arm and a leg, or even the prospect of signing away your first born. Tax Return installment loans are processed through our featured Tax Return Installment Lenders, the same way you apply for traditional income tax loans. Our direct installment lender application is simple and only takes a few minutes. Your approval will be provided within mere seconds and will outline the terms of your loan – including your rate, approved amount and your expected payment.

Once you have received your approval, the lender will contact you shortly and your money will be available the next business day! How is that for convenient?

What if my credit is less than perfect?

No problem! There are no credit checks involved with our lenders thus; you don’t have to worry about less than perfect credit, bad credit, or no credit at all! Your loans are solely based on your income – which proves your ability to repay – and nothing else!

Why stand in line at the bank to be told no? Or even ask family members who refuse to loan you money? Save yourself the embarrassment and apply online today – your tax refund installment loan is only a few simple clicks away here at eTaxLoan.com.

Not everyone that applies gets approved for a Tax Refund Installment Loan

Not everyone that applies gets approved and not everyone that applies for an installment loan will be matched with an installment lender. However, we will first try to match you with an installment lender but if none can approve you at this time we will then try to match you with one of our triditional tax refund lenders. Finally, if none of our in network lenders can approve you we will redirect you to a credit report page that if completed will provide you with a list of out of network lenders that may be able to help you.